mandag 28. november 2011

Treasure weekend ..

This weekend I had my annual Christmas dinner party, the ladies get together before opening December, so there has been no time for cardmaking these days.

But, I was trying to fix my sewing machine yesterday, as it only gives me a chaos of threads on the bottom side. This sewing machine was actually the first thing I bought leaving home more than 20 years ago, but I can't say it has been used too much..
But sadly, it seems like I have to leave it in for a service, I couldn't fix the problem. But it got a nice cleaning anyway, as I put it apart, peace by peace.

And so on, I also got to reorganize the sewing box!
And what I found, lots of scrapping TREASURES, wohoo!
Photos, ribbons, buttons, beautiful stones, lots of stuff to use. I just can't wait to get back in business -
but I also catched a cold this weekend, and have been laying down with feaver and a sore nose =(
Hopefully today I may sit down by my kitchen table ;-)

I think I also need to phone the vet, as my sweet little dog seem to feel worse than before =(
He was doing so well, but now he is limping again, and that should not be so.
I am also checking out swimming rehabilitating for him, maybe we can get startet before christmas.

There's a storm outside, and he does not want to go for a walk now or then..

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