søndag 20. november 2011

Hobby Exhibition today

and guess where I ended up; at the "Used and Antique" stores..

I found some beautiful, authentic postcards, all of them stamped in early 1900's, I'm sooo            looking forward to make some  cards out of these!

And some lovely pinup pics, these will be awesome vintage cards! They are serial numbered, so I will have to make these some special!

I also found a fabulous "love on the roof" card, hand drawn, but it became very expensive, wouldn't know whom I could give it to...

My little sweetie wondered i we were going shopping some useful stuff to, haha, so of course we did. Some rolls of ribbons, flowers and a few lovely christmas decorating or the kitchen. And that she thought was fun stuff, we went home and she began on her fathers birthdaycard =)

So let's get to it ;-)

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