tirsdag 28. februar 2012

Tim Holtz in Norway

Woow, Tim Holtz came here, to my town, to give some lovin', to give some inspiration to all of us living nearby..tehe, and yes, I do!
I do live here, I did get a ticket, and I did get lots of lovin' and inspiration!  Time to try some new issues, as this might not be the right surroundings for Tilda, but I am getting there in time, anyway! Stay Curious, as he signed my book, and that is so true. Because there is always new stuff to see, new techniques to learn, new inspiration - GET ON WITH IT!

Dyan, who accompanied Tim with demoes, gave me truly inspiration for my best project, the receipt journal, which I never got start up..or actually I began, at last, but it was no scrapping, handwriting only.. But now I know better, right Dyan? It's all about just doing it, whatever, whenever, however!! Her journal is just about awesome, or what??
(But tell me again Dyan, how do you do it..tehee =)

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